Integrated and Mobile Distributed Systems - Fall 2014

This is the homepage of the course on Integrated and Mobile Distributed Systems, held at the University of Southern Denmark in Fall 2014.


Student Presentations

Schedule of Student Presentations

28 Oct 2014Martin WolfSession-Based Distributed Programming in Java
31 Oct 2014TBATBA
4 Nov 2014Martin VillumsenService-Oriented Architectures: From Design to Production Exploiting Workflow Patterns
7 Nov 2014Christian SommerlundHop, a Language for Programming the Web Workflow Patterns
11 Nov 2014Diana HooperCompositional ChoreographiesLink
14 Nov 2014Thor BendixS: a Scripting Language for High-Performance RESTful Web Services
18 Nov 2014Simon LarsenPict: A Programming Language Based on the Pi-Calculus
21 Nov 2014Mikkel HansenService-oriented Programming with Jolie
25 Nov 2014Jes Møllegård HansenScribbling Interactions with a Formal Foundation
28 Nov 2014Christian NørskovA Framework for Rule-Based Dynamic Adaptation
2 Dec 2014No lectureNo lecture
5 Dec 2014Magnus Djursaa Frank and Jesper LundTBA
9 Dec 2014TBATBA
12 Dec 2014TBATBA
16 Dec 2014TBATBA
19 Dec 2014TBATBA

How to Install the bleeding-edge version of Jolie

svn co svn:// jolie-src
cd jolie-src
ant && sudo ant install

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