My name is Fabrizio Montesi. I'm a Professor of Computer Science and IT professional interested in programming languages, microservices, web development, cybersecurity, and automated reasoning.

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I really enjoy working with people. (You can see some of my past and current PhD students and postdocs.)

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Short Bio & Awards

Fabrizio Montesi is Professor (Full Professor) of Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, where he currently serves as member of the management group and Head of Section for the section of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Programming Languages. Fabrizio also serves as President of the Microservices Community, and as maintainer of Jolie, an open source programming language for microservices. He is also Founding Director at italianaSoftware, where he previously served as Co-CEO.

He received his M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Bologna in 2010, and his Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science from the IT University of Copenhagen in 2013.

Fabrizio is a Villum Young Investigator (2020) and recipient of the SDU Innovation Prize (2017), the EAPLS (European Association for Programming Languages and systems) Best PhD Dissertation Award (2014), and the award for Best M.Sc. thesis on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) by the General Confederation of Italian Industry (2011).

His main interest is the science of programming. His research focuses on theory and implementation of programming languages, cloud and edge computing, microservices, concurrency, logic, and cybersecurity.

Fabrizio has received the following awards & honours:

Distinguished Paper Award, ECOOP.
For the paper Multiparty Languages: the Choreographic and Multitier Cases.
Villum Young Investigator, Villum Foundation.
For the project Choreographies for Connected IT Systems.
Announcement 1, Announcement 2, Announcement 3
Innovation Award, University of Southern Denmark.
An award for research-based innovation given to a single researcher at the whole University every year.
Announcement (DK), Award Description (DK)
Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award, European Association for Programming Languages and Systems (EAPLS).
For the Ph.D. work on Choreographic Programming.
Best Poster Award, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing.
For the single-author paper Process-aware web programming with Jolie (extended version).
Best M.Sc. thesis on ICT, national award by the General Confederation of Italian Industry.
For my M.Sc. work on the Jolie programming language (see the thesis).
Announcement (IT)

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