Concurrency Theory - Fall 2018

This is the homepage of the course on Concurrency Theory, held at the University of Southern Denmark in Fall 2018.

For the one minute paper at the end of every lecture, enter room DM861 at this link:

How this course works (read this carefully!)

Each week, there are two allocated times for the course (on two separate days). The first one is a frontal lecture. The second one is a joint exercise/reading class for students only.

For each exercise/reading class, there will be a reading assignment (possibly with exercises). You can find these in the section "Reading/Exercise Assignments" at the bottom of this page. You are encouraged to do the reading and exercises together, if you like. You should keep three things in mind while you do it (the general idea is: write everything down!). First, write down your solutions to exercises (if any). Second, write down questions about things that you did not understand. Third, if you come up with new questions that are not mentioned in the lectures or the material, write them down too. Challenges for your colleagues and/or the teacher for the lectures are welcome!


This list is updated throughout the course, so come back to check it out every week! In particular, remember to download the updated version of Notes on Choreographies every week, since it is a working document.

Reading/Exercise Assignments

For the material that I refer to here, see the list above in section "Material".