Concurrent Programming - Spring 2020

This is the homepage of the course on Concurrent Programming, held at the University of Southern Denmark in Spring 2020.


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The main exercises are given in the course code repository,, in the folder exercises.

If you would like to receive updates on when exercises become available, you can watch the repository on GitHub: open the link and click "Watch" on the top-right. (You need to create a GitHub account to do that, if you do not have one already.)

Some exercises are given at the end of the slides. More exercises are developed during the exercise classes, by reworking the examples in the book. Below you can find the reading assignments for each week (see also the Introduction slides for information on the course).

  • Week 8: Read the Java Generics Tutorial, from Introduction to Generic Methods. Read the Java Anonymous Classes documentation. Read the Java Lambda Expressions documentation, including Method References. Do the exercises (marked Opt) given at the end of the slides 2.pdf.
  • Week 9: Read Modern Java and this tutorial on streams. You're also welcome to visit the other additional resources and tutorials given at the bottom of the page.
  • Week 10: Read chapters 1 and 2. Exercises in the git repository.
  • Week 11: Read chapters 2 and 3. Exercises in the git repository.
  • Week 12: Read chapter 4. Exercises in the git repository.
  • Week 13: Exam preparation (see video lecture 09-ExamPreparation). Exercises in the git repository.
  • Week 14: Read chapter 5 and 6. Exercises in the git repository.

Useful Links / Additional Reading