Service-Oriented Architectures: From Design to Production Exploiting Workflow Patterns

Maurizio Gabbrielli, Saverio Giallorenzo, Fabrizio Montesi [2014].
In proceedings of DCAI 2014, pp. 131-139.

In Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), services are composed by coordinating their communications into a flow of interactions. Coloured Petri nets (CPN) offer a formal yet easy tool for modelling interactions in SOAs, however mapping abstract SOAs into executable ones requires a non-trivial and time-costly analysis. Here, we propose a methodology that maps CPN-modelled SOAs into Jolie SOAs (our target language), exploiting a collection of recurring control-flow patterns, called Workflow Patterns, as composable blocks of the translation. We validate our approach with a realistic use case. In addition, we pragmatically asses the expressiveness of Jolie wrt the considered WPs.
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