Self-Reconfiguring Microservices

Maurizio Gabbrielli, Saverio Giallorenzo, Claudio Guidi, Jacopo Mauro, Fabrizio Montesi [2016].
In proceedings of Theory and Practice of Formal Methods 2016, pp. 194-210.

Microservices is an emerging paradigm for the development of distributed systems that, originating from Service-Oriented Architecture, focuses on the small dimension, the loose coupling, and the dynamic topology of services. Microservices are particularly appropriate for the development of distributed systems in the Cloud. However, their dynamic nature calls for suitable techniques for their automatic deployment. In this paper we address this problem and we propose JRO (Jolie Redeployment Optimiser), a tool for the automatic and optimised deployment of microservices written in the Jolie language. The tool uses Zephyrus, a state of the art tool that automatically generates a fully detailed ServiceOriented Architecture configuration starting from a partial and abstract description of the target application.
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