JoT: A Jolie Framework for Testing Microservices

Saverio Giallorenzo, Fabrizio Montesi, Marco Peressotti, Florian Rademacher, Narongrit Unwerawattana [2023].
In proceedings of COORDINATION 2023, pp. 172-191.

We present JoT, a testing framework for Microservice Architectures (MSAs) based on technology agnosticism, a core principle of microservices. The main advantage of JoT is that it reduces the amount of work for a) testing for MSAs whose services use different technology stacks, b) writing tests that involve multiple services, and c) reusing tests of the same MSA under different deployment configurations or after changing some of its components (e.g., when, for performance, one reimplements a service with a different technology). In JoT, tests are orchestrators that can both consume or offer operations from/to the MSA under test. The language for writing JoT tests is Jolie, which provides constructs that support technology agnosticism and the definition of terse test behaviours. We present the methodology we envision for testing MSAs with JoT and we validate it by implementing non-trivial test scenario
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