Bridging the Gap between Interaction- and Process-Oriented Choreographies

Ivan Lanese, Claudio Guidi, Fabrizio Montesi, Gianluigi Zavattaro [2008].
In proceedings of SEFM 2008, pp. 323-332.

In service oriented computing, choreography languages are used to specify multi-party service compositions. Two main approaches have been followed: the interaction-oriented approach of WS-CDL and the process-oriented approach of BPEL4Chor. We investigate the relationship between them.In particular, we consider several interpretations for interaction-oriented choreographies spanning from synchronous to asynchronous communication. Under each of these interpretations we characterize the class of interaction-oriented choreographies which have a process-oriented counterpart, and we formalize the notion of equivalence between the initial interaction-oriented choreography and the corresponding process-oriented one.
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