DBLP - Get Author Bibtex

This is a small, and unsupported, tool for fetching the bibtex of all the publications registered in DBLP for a given author. You have to provide the author's initial and name key in DBLP in the form below. My data is used as default values to provide an example.

How to find your initial and name key: find your page in DBLP and look at the URL. For example, mine is http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/pers/hd/m/Montesi:Fabrizio. The last part, Montesi:Fabrizio, is the name key and the second-last part, m, is the initial. Sometimes the name key is weird, e.g., if you have middle names. Remember to include everything from the last part in your name key, even symbols such as _ and = (but not the .html extension, if there is one).

Note: unfortunately DBLP has a habit of breaking APIs, so the tool may stop working or have unexpected problems.

Curious about how this works? It is a simple Jolie program. If you want to run it yourself, you can download a similar script here (pass the arguments using the command line). If you do not have Jolie installed, I have uploaded a static binary distribution here.

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